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Feminist Lose Their Minds Over Hobby Lobby

frustrated_womanI know the title may describe something that happened long before Hobby Lobby’s lawsuit ever became an issue.

Most of us have probably had spirited discussions/arguments with a liberal on Facebook or perhaps other social media sites.  I usually do not get into Facebook discussions with any of my “friends”.  There have been a few exceptions, like taking on a dear relative who is a committed atheist.  I will say our discussions are spirited, never hateful and usually end with both of us agreeing to disagree–even though I am always correct.

Yesterday was different, in many ways.  First I took on a Facebook friend other than my relative (admittedly I had been contemplating de-friending this person for a while, but decided I needed to see what leftists are saying, so I kept this person as a “friend”).  This “friend” was unhinged about the Supreme Court decision regarding Hobby Lobby.  Her descriptions of Hobby Lobby was the same as we have all heard by now…Hobby Lobby is preventing women from getting necessary healthcare, not paying for any birth control at all, imposing their religious beliefs on the women that work for them.

I was going to do my normal fly-by on her comments and ignore them completely, then I thought…No, I have to stand up for the TRUTH.  I set out to be a Constitutional Superhero.  I brought up the fact that Hobby Lobby does cover 16 birth control methods while only wanting to have their religious rights to not pay for abortifacients upheld.  Her response was to try to explain that the IUD and Plan B are not abortion pills.  Now I was a Biology major in undergraduate and took a couple developmental biology classes at Indiana University.  I know this meant I understood the physiology of conception better than she did, although it’s possible she understands the activity just previous to conception better than I do.  I did not let the argument over the idea of whether Plan B and the IUD are abortifacients go on very long before I reminded her that her original diatribe was centered around the false narrative that Hobby Lobby wasn’t covering any birth control methods and now she was focusing in on four out of 20 birth control methods.  That just devolved into a conversation about how women are discriminated against by  big corporations and men in general.  I don’t think she appreciated being reminded that Obama doesn’t pay his female employees equally.  This friend then went on to explain how the ACA has done so much for women’s health and saved women’s lives.  I had it with that load of Bull excrement.  I went on about how thankful I was that the ACA was passed because women were dying right and left everywhere.  Dripping with sarcasm I then explained how previous to the ACA women could get birth control for a small $4 to $10 copay, for those that couldn’t afford birth control pills there is always other cheap methods found at truck stops and pharmacies everywhere.  Apparently this friend was offended by this explanation because she promptly de-friended me.

It seems leftist/feminists all over this land have lost their minds.  Nancy Pelosi went on Twitter after the SCOTUS decision:

Nancy Pelosi          @NancyPelosi

Allowing CEOs to limit the medical procedures available to employees is a gross violation of workers’ religious rights.

No medical procedures were addressed in this decision meaning all medical procedures are covered as normal.  Truth is not important to the overall message though, the truth only gets in the way.

The feminists are correct with their hashtag…this is not their bosses business or responsibility to pay for.

Then Pelosi followed with this:

Nancy Pelosi          @NancyPelosi

SCOTUS took an outrageous step against women’s rights, setting a dangerous precedent that permits corporations to choose which laws to obey.

I do know about this SCOTUS decision and nowhere in this ruling does it say corporations can act like Obama and decide which laws they want to obey.

Then Hillary Clinton railed against the decision decrying the ruling by SCOTUS, possibly without knowing the law SCOTUS used to back up their ruling is a law that was signed into law by her husband, sponsored by Chuck Shumer and supported by Ted Kennedy.

After this SCOTUS decision I started to wonder:  Does a women lose her mind and become a feminist/leftist or does she become a feminist/leftist then lose her mind?

To every feminist, we do not want to take your birth control away.  PLEASE, use birth control, we don’t want you reproducing.

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