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Liberals and Nazis, What’s The Difference?

nazi_ss_obamaI know we are not suppose to throw that charge around.  Only the left can charge somebody with being a Nazi without any repercussions.  That will fit perfectly into my argument though.

First lets establish the fact that Nazis were fascist.  Fascism is defined as (Webster’s):   a way of organizing a society in which a government ruled by a dictator controls the lives of the people and in which people are not allowed to disagree with the government.  That was the way Nazi Germany was ruled under Hitler. Italy was also ruled the same way under Mussolini.

Do we see any other correlations?  Ah, yes…the Obama regime.  Any disagreements with Obama will land you in a load of hot water.  When the Supreme Court first disagreed with Obama, he called them out during his State of the Union address, a big departure from decorum for the SOTA.  Pressure was put on John Roberts, so much it is theorized he caved to the left on Obamacare because of the pressure.  Of course the latest fissure between Obama and the Supreme Court…Hobby Lobby, has Obama trying to find ways around the decision, but during that time those Justices that ruled in favor of the Constitution and the RFRA law are being excoriated by Obama’s minions in the press.  Scalia, Thomas, Kennedy, Roberts and Alito are being charged with being anti-women.  All over free abortifacients; didn’t know that had anything to do with being anti-women.  Dr. Ben Carson explains a better way to do healthcare insurance at a Prayer Breakfast, in front of Obama and the administration demands an apology from Dr. Carson and then he gets audited by the IRS.  Tea Party groups get singled out by the IRS for denials on their non-profit applications, while the applications ask for information from these groups that are a clear violation of privacy.   Other examples of fascism/leftism within America, look to any small/family business that tries to live out their faith lives within their business’s.  Ask the many bakeries and photography business’s that are forced to close their doors because they don’t believe in gay marriage, but are forced by the fascist gay lobby and states to either close their doors or tacitly support activities they strongly disagree with by taking part in the activity.   If you disagree with the Left, they will also tag you as being a Nazi, as a way of silencing you (a paradox, isn’t it).

A president or dictator couldn’t get away with stifling descent without the help from the media.  Hitler had Joseph Goebbels, the minister of propaganda.  Obama and the left have gone further than Hitler with the media.  Obama has willing accomplices in the major media.  NBC (parent company of MSNBC) is probably the most willing among all media outlets, but almost all others follow along with the daily narrative that the Obama administration sends out.  If there is anything negative surrounding the Obama administration, that story gets buried or not covered at all.  Ever heard of the Fast & Furious scandal (not the movies)?  How about Eric Holder’s refusal to prosecute voter intimidation because the intimidators were the New Black Panthers and Holder wouldn’t prosecute any black people?  Ever heard of the Pigford scandal?  Remember the Solyndra scandal?  Who is talking about that poor person who made the video Susan Rice blamed Benghazi on?  He is still in jail, ordered by Obama and he had nothing to do with Benghazi.  Many media outlets have declared Benghazi to be old news and are no longer covering it, no matter how much new information and questions come out of this scandal.

Only one TV media outlet continues to report on Obama’s scandals…Fox News.  Of course Fox News continues to get hounded by the Obama administration (James Rosen bring up any memories?).  Then there is George Soros who is trying to be Joseph Goebbels.  Soros owns Media Matters and he has instructed them to bring Fox News down.

Among the many beliefs Obama and his friends on the left subscribe to, one of the biggies is Environmentalism.  The overarching, sky is falling, climate change belief among the left.  Would it surprise you that Hitler was a huge environmentalist as well?  Ah yes, Hitler shared this camp with the Leftist of today as well.  So maybe we aren’t disparaging the Left when we call them Enviro-Nazis.

When people think of the Nazi they think of the millions of Jews the Nazis slaughtered.  I am not suggesting Obama has had any Jews killed, but it is no secret Obama is not a fan of Israel and most likely Israelis as well.  I am suggesting Obama is smarter than Hitler with Israelis.  Obama is from Chicago and the Chicago way is to get things done without those things being traced back to him.  Obama has been very cozy with a fundamentalist Muslim organizations…Muslim Brotherhood.  Obama’s Homeland Security advisory is Mohammed Elibiary, who has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.  Elibiary has tweeted about America being an Islamic country (not a Muslim country, which isn’t the same as Islamic).  Obama has had secret meetings with emissaries from the Muslim Brotherhood and had been very supportive of the Brotherhood while they ruled Egypt, agreeing to send them F-16’s .  Nothing was ever said to the Brotherhood when they started murdering Coptic Christians in Egypt, Obama only chided the military when they threw the Brotherhood out of power.  The Muslim Brotherhood is committed to two things: 1) spreading Sharia law throughout the world and 2) getting rid of Israel.  Why not let your silent friends take care of those darn Jews.  No need to get your hands dirty.  Hitler was also very supportive of the Muslim Brotherhood, in yet another similarity between Obama and Hitler.

Of all the similarities between the Left in America and the Nazis, there is one huge difference.  Hitler loved his Father Land.  Hitler served in World War I and the following Treaty left a bad taste in Hitler’s mouth.  He felt Germany took it in the shorts with the treaty to end the War.  Nationalism is what really drove Hitler and made him so charismatic.  That nationalism is probably what drove Hitler to attack other countries.  The American Left and Obama as well are very much the opposite of that.  The Left and Obama hate America as it was founded.  Michelle Obama said it best when she stated “For the first time in my adult life, I am proud of America”.  Of course she was proud of America because they just made her the First Lady.  Obama is not a threat to attack any countries, even if we would need to, because he hates the military and probably views them as a barely necessary evil.

The Left should realize the incredible similarities between the Nazis and themselves.  Perhaps they should wear that moniker loud and proud.

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