By - September 11, 2014

Did ISIS Speech Make Obama A Man?

Child ObamaObama was forced to finally face the brutality that is ISIS. We all know Obama would rather be out golfing, as opposed to coming up with a strategy to deal with a group of Islamist who behead American journalist, cut Christian women and children in half  and destroy areas of Iraq that were sacred for more than 2,000 years and areas of Iraq that American military personnel bleed and died to liberate.  Yesterday, Obama had to try to stop the political bleeding (I believe he would rather continue to turn a blind eye to the atrocities of the Islamist) and came up with a plan to finally deal with ISIS, but will it be enough?

First Obama wanted to make sure that the world knew that we were not going to put American military (combat) boots on the ground. We do have about 1,000 troops in Iraq as advisers and trainers and we will be added about 475 more now. This smacks of Vietnam all over again. We started with a small number of advisers/trainers then we had to add more as the Vet con started to take more ground.  We couldn’t destroy the Vet con with air strikes and advisers then and I firmly believe we can’t do that now, even with the technological advances that have been made since.  Sometimes, I believe those advances only serve to tie our hands behind our backs, as inexperienced ideological liberals believe the new military technology is the cure all and we don’t have to use ground troops and those troops on the ground shouldn’t have to shoot because air power is the answer.  So American air power is the answer to this problem.  Who’s boots will be on the ground then?

Obama is putting his trust, for boots on the ground in the “moderate” Free Syrian Army.  There are a number of problems with this idea.  First, it is the rebel army from which ISIS got it’s start.  It was born out of the Syrian civil war.  The rebels who have been fighting against the Bashir al-Assad presidency turned out to be largely a Al-Qaeda linked group now known as ISIS.  Sure there are “moderate” factions within the rebels, but just how moderate are these guys?  There is a report that Steven Sotloff, the last reporter to have his head removed by ISIS was actually sold to ISIS by this very moderate faction.  So how moderate are the remainder of the rebels?

Let’s assume that the rebels in Syria aren’t sympathetic to ISIS, what makes Obama believe it’s a good idea to rely solely on the Syrian rebels as ground forces?  All reports suggest the current rebels have been severely degraded and weakened.  So we are going to use a degraded, weakened force to support us?  What makes Obama believe these rebels will actually be willing to help us?  Remember they are currently at war with Bashir al-Assad and I don’t think he will take a vacation while the rebels turn their attention to ISIS.  Why is Obama not talking to and arming the Kurds further?  The Kurds are a formidable fighting force, they have already defeated ISIS in certain battles, so why not but some of your eggs in that basket?  Oh, Obama doesn’t want to offend the Islamist government of Turkey.  The Kurds are their enemies as well.  Turkey is like Saudi Arabia and not really a true ally of America and if Obama were a true man he would tell the Turkish government to kiss his @$$.

Why doesn’t Obama seek the aid of Egypt?  The government and military there are just waiting to help America.  Oh, I forgot, the military of Egypt ran the Muslim Brotherhood out of power in Egypt and Obama was not happy about that.

Obama could even seek help from the UAE or Bahrain, but he isn’t focused on what makes sense.

In the end, Obama made a speech that won’t help his poll numbers with respect to foreign policy, but he did make a speech that will allow him to run out the clock on his administration as he clearly stated the policy will last at least 3 years.  Three years against an enemy that is only a couple hundred thousand strong in numbers.  What do we expect from a child President.


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