By - December 12, 2014

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GOP Stabs Conservatives In The Back

Fresh off a historic midterm election win the republicans had a chance to thank their supporters and put the country’s   concerns front and center.  Instead we got a limp-wristed answer from the GOP leadership and enough republicans representatives to go along with it.

There were two huge items that drew conservatives in mass to the polls on election day, the threat of amnesty through executive action and continued concerns about Obamacare.  Shortly after the election Obama did as feared, created a weak form of amnesty through executive action.  The hope of many was the republicans could put a stop to this through controlling the purse, but it became known that Boehner was on board with amnesty and was going to try to help Obama get it through Congress.

The republicans had a few budget choices ahead of them: first they could have come up with another Continued Resolution that would last til the beginning of the year, around February would have been the time frame. Boehner could have loaded the resolution up with all kinds of Christmas goodies for the democrats and put off the real budget until republicans had control of both houses. Why not? We have be running on continued resolutions for the last six years, whats the hurry to get a budget now?  Or the House could have come up with a budget that funds the government for a year minus funding for Obama’s amnesty and Obamacare. Those issues could have been funded through January, then have a budget fight on just those issues or Boehner could have just given the democrats everything they want for an entire year, thus making the republican majority mute for the next year.  Boehner chose the last option.

Once the Senate approves the budget and they will, Obamacare will roll unfettered for yet another year and Obama amnesty will  now gain an important foothold in our society.  Being against amnesty is not racist, it is quite the opposite.  Many of these low skilled workers will now legally be taking jobs away from low skilled citizens of the US who are just looking for a break.  Many of the low skilled workers who are citizens are minorities, so who is the real racist?

I had hoped that those representatives who spent months convincing the electorate they were conservatives and had our backs when it came to amnesty and Obamacare, that those representatives when the chance came would prove their campaign promises to believable.  Unfortunately 57 of the representatives stabbed their constituents in the backs.  It is with heavy heart that I admit that all three of Nebraska’s representatives stabbed the Nebraskan conservatives in the heart.  Shame on Jeff Fortenberry, Adrian Smith and the soon-to-be unemployed Lee Terry for allowing Obama to have everything he wants.  When the history of the Obama administration is written and the discussion occur about how he was the most dangerous president in perhaps the history of this great nation, that discussion can not happen without mentioning all those who did nothing to stop him and Fortenberry, Smith and Terry are on that list.

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