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Obama To Take Over Private Colleges

Obama To Take Over Private Colleges

If you thought public colleges and universities were already too liberal, just wait. The Obama administration, if it has its way, would place private colleges and universities under the ultimate control of state governments, rather than independent accrediting agencies. The…

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The Cost of the Future Obama Library

After a cursory review of the costs of Presidential libraries operated by the NARA, or in the case of this current sitting head’s future presidential (lower case) library, the stats show that it’s cheaper to go

Republican.  On average, in 2010 dollars, Democrats increase the costs of their libraries by…

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Get Me Some Interns and Would Someone Please Call Bill?

A conversation overheard recently at the oval office:

“Hey, Deadfish.”

“Yes, Savior.”

“I was wondering, since we jammed this health care bill down the public’s throat so successfully and I’ve got some time on my hands now, what should we focus on for the next few weeks?”

“Well, Sire, there…

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Is Obamacare America’s “Pyrrhic” Victory?

In 281 B.C., King Pyrrhus of Epirus landed in southern Italy.  With him were 25 to 30 thousand troops and 20 elephants.  Their goal was to defeat the Romans.  They won the first two battles but at serious cost of life, treasure, and resource.  The following skirmishes took the remains…

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