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A Movie Obama Doesn't Want You To See

A Movie Obama Doesn’t Want You To See

The main stream press has largely dropped the issue about Obama versus the Catholic Church over First Amendment rights.  This issue has cut deeply into Obama’s catholic support, but it’s not ending there.  The Jewish vote is dropping off the Obama radar screen fast,…

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Jihadi Cosmo

Jihadi Cosmo

The muslim world of Jihad has stepped up to the plate for their women.

I’m sure decades of jealously over the West’s magazines such as Cosmopolitan have finally brought about change in the Jihad world.

The new magazine,

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Matty's Corralled Thoughts: Oscar Night Edition!!

Matty’s Corralled Thoughts: Oscar Night Edition!!

If you feel your house shift a little to the west tonight, it can mean only one thing– the lefty Hollywood heavies are having a party.  Not just any party, but the grandaddy of them all!  It is the Academy Awards night. A night where celebrities will arrive in…

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The Day The Earth Stood Still:  Red State Report Movie Review

The Day The Earth Stood Still: Red State Report Movie Review

Film Review: “The Day the Earth Stood Still” (2008, 20th Century-Fox; Scott
Derrickson, Director)

Review by Richard Terrell

Cast & credits
Klaatu: Keanu Reeves
Helen Benson:  Jennifer Connelly
Regina Jackson:  Kathy Bates
Barnhardt: John Cleese

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