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IL School: China OK, Arizona Not

IL School: China OK, Arizona Not

Just when you thought public high school administrators couldn’t get any further out of control with their politically correct, radically liberal agenda, a school in Highland Park, IL has raised the bar yet again.

According to Fox News, after winning their first conference title in 26 years and months…

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Obama and Medusa...what do they have in common?

Obama and Medusa…what do they have in common?

Dear Matty,

I am horrified! My Kansas Jayhawks are no longer in the NCAA basketball tournament. Where did I go wrong?

Roger M, The Villages FL

Dear Roger,

When Matty was a young man, my family had a friend named Jack K.  Jack was a self-proclaimed visionary who supported Billy…

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March Madness

It would seem that trying to ram a hugely unpopular government power grab through Congress isn’t the only March Madness going on in the White House. ESPN has published the President’s picks for the Big Dance. El Presidente has Kansas going all the way, beating Kentucky in…

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A Beautiful Buzzer Beater Story

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zENySdFr7M4″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

Every day we get disturbing news from Obama and Co.  It’s enough to give a person an ulcer, so here is a feel good story.  Put down the Pepto and watch this video, it’s about an autistic teenager and a buzzer beater.  Put on a smile.

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