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Matty's Corralled Thoughts

Matty’s Corralled Thoughts

Florida, in an effort to become a larger influence on the presidential nominating process, is considering a move of its presidential primary to January 31, 2012. The move would be in direct violation of primary rules set forthby the Republican National Committee. The RNC has barred any state other than…

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Stupak Winner:  Let's Skip School with a Bomb Threat

Stupak Winner: Let’s Skip School with a Bomb Threat

It’s that time of year…we start thinking of the beach, the Sun, baseball, vacations…and idiots who want to make their mark in the last month of school.  Something that will haunt them for decades on the Internet.  This year’s winner is Lars O’Mara.

Senior Lars O’Mara, of Panama City Beach,…

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Hey Ma, the Water Bill's Too High!  Let's Burn Down the House!

Hey Ma, the Water Bill’s Too High! Let’s Burn Down the House!

Now that I have vented about the land of Bears and Dudley Do Right being in better shape than us, I will get to more important stuff. Like Cooter here setting is own house on fire because the water bill was too high!!!

Seems like Cooter (aka Johnny…

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