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IL School: China OK, Arizona Not

IL School: China OK, Arizona Not

Just when you thought public high school administrators couldn’t get any further out of control with their politically correct, radically liberal agenda, a school in Highland Park, IL has raised the bar yet again.

According to Fox News, after winning their first conference title in 26 years and months…

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On Immigration, Dems More

On Immigration, Dems More “Hateful” than Republicans

Republicans are all a bunch of white, violent, racists who hate and oppose immigrants while Democrats are enlightened, civil, and compassionate toward anyone who wants to live in this country. Right? You’d think so if you’ve watched any network news lately.

I’m sure you’ll be just as shocked as…

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Proof of Insurance? Required.  Proof of Citizenship? Nah...

Proof of Insurance? Required. Proof of Citizenship? Nah…

I like Gateway Pundit. Yesterday he posted the following question:

“So just to be clear, it’s constitutional to penalize someone for not showing proof of health insurance but not to request proof of citizenship?”

In this video, Obama first admits the federal government’s “failure to act responsibly”…

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