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Obama's Incompetence Only Got 15 Min Of Press

Obama’s Incompetence Only Got 15 Min Of Press

While the press is concentrating on the Gulf disaster and Obama takes credit for the success (ah…Obama you had nothing to do with it, except to blame¬† BP), the press tactfully overlooked a huge mess up by the Obama¬†administration.

The flood in Tennessee still goes unnoticed and the fact that…

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Al Gore's New Name:  Zippy the Wonderslug!

Al Gore’s New Name: Zippy the Wonderslug!

Former Vice President Al Gore (who I will refer to for the rest of this article as Zippy the Wonder slug) has never been known for being a tremendous speaker, but rather for milking global warming for all of its worth while consistently having the highest electric bills in the

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Tennessee Trouble

Ed Morrissey is reporting this morning that Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen has written a letter to Senator Bob Corker (a No vote) and Rep. Bart Gordon (a recent Yes convert) explaining that Tennessee simply can’t afford the additional burden health care reforms would put on the state. From the…

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